Statement of Practice

Anciently, Masters of the Healing Arts gained their status through Divine insight, hard work, expert teachers, compassion for the patient, a wide scope of knowledge, and community acceptance. Almost all of these elements are missing in today’s medical practice.

Today Holistic Medicine is an integrated path from illness through cure to the maintenance of good health.

The first task when you are in disease is to determine the causes. A hands on, multidisciplinary practitioner like Dr. Flowers gathers clues by looking at the moss on your tongue, feeling the rise and fall of your pulse, palpating your organs, searching for hidden allergies, studying your blood chemistries or by reading your iris.

Dr. Flowers’ practice, Harmonic Medicine, flows from this approach and what he calls the Unified Theory of Disease: The African, Chinese, Ayurvedic, Native American, and Eclectic American Sages saw many acute, and most chronic diseases as starting in the GI tract. GI damage from pharmaceuticals, devitalized foods, microbes and heavy metals in water, microwaving, and large volumes of sweet foods lead to incomplete breakdown of proteins and starches, abnormal gut ecology, liver overload and adrenal/immune exhaustion that is strikingly similar from patient to patient. Anything from chronic viral problems to inflammatory bowel disease to allergies to mood and mental disorders are all a part of this pattern of dysfunction. Once the root cause of the imbalance is found a variety of treatments are available: diet, lifestyle changes, acupuncture to release blockages of energy and relieve pain, herbal remedies to rebuild damaged systems, and nutritional therapies to correct deficiencies in the nutrient base.

Through Harmonic Medicine Dr Flowers employs multiple modalities from traditional and complimentary medicines in an attempt to find which disease pattern best fits the patient’s unique ethno-metabolic health needs. This approach combines testing for food sensitivities, digestive stool analysis, acupuncture, hormonal studies, metabolic evaluation, and genomic testing in a structured program custom tailored for each individual.